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2010 Junebugs
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Parents of babies born in June 2010
This community is for moms and dads of babies due in June 2010.

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Member roll call (Members: please leave a comment here if you want to update your information!)

NameDue DateExtra info/birthdate and name
missbritts5/27/20103.17.10 Kieran Michael, born at 29w4d
axe_girl5/25/20106.1.10 Lily
pienin_kukka5/29/20105.14.10 Little Ninja :)
aloha_moira5/30/20106.15.10 Eleanor Ruth
pipu6/1/20105.27.10 James Axel
thatkaringirl6/2/2010Baby #2, a girl!
strange_village6/2/20105.22.10 Miles Cooper
corrinneraquel6/4/20103.29.10 Alice Victoria Jones, born at 30w
sheisgone6/4/2010Baby boy, #1!
heyunyi6/5/20105.31.10 Claudia Simone
jerkofalltrades6/5/20106.2.10 Lucille Elizabeth
photographofus6/5/20106.1.10 Reagan Lynn
theblondie6/5/20105.21.10 Adina Marie
jesschica246/6/2010Baby #1, girl!
theaprildawn6/7/20106.1.10 Adalee Rae Mary
__zishbangbooom6/8/20106.2.10 Annalise Sophia
ashleylouwho6/8/20106.22.10 Jude Thomas
frogger4146/8/20106.11.10 Taylor Elizabeth
let_letitbe6/8/20105.20.10 Kaelin Annabel
arylkin6/8/20106.6.10 River Alise
acdchica6/9/20105.29.10 Parker Zylman
angelteach6/9/20106.9.10 Mackalya Celeste
astridlynn6/10/20106.20.10 Noellyn Grace
darkestvoices6/10/20106.11.10 Charley Michelle
tearsofthegods6/10/20106.12.10 Vincent Danger
autumn_fading6/11/20106.16.10 Molly Killeen
spacefem6/11/20106.9.10 Josephine Elizabeth
fireworksinjuly6/13/20105.29.10 Fiona Elizabeth
german_e126/13/20106.8.10 Quinn Adelaide
kestratroi6/13/20106.10.10 Caelen Davis
neveragain14_xx6/13/20105.21.10 Summer Jayde
reia6/13/20105.24.10 Emma Julienne
jennykay796/14/20106.26.10 Lily Elizabeth
celebrate6/15/20106.19.10 Wyatt Anthony
invisiblepet6/15/20106.15.10 Dax Coleton
muzikchik3276/15/2010Baby #1!
ahyychingado6/16/2010Baby #2
fruitkakechevy6/16/20106.20.10 Eleanor Kaya
yourbeauty6/16/20106.16.10 Ryan Michael
aineemae6/16/20105.19.10 Thomas Richard
rosetta_torture6/16/20106.4.10 Ellenie LouVette
eclips1st6/17/20106.24.10 Kiana
junebeansprout6/17/20106.24.10 Dorian Nicholai
2morrows6/18/2010Expecting baby #1!
hoping_4_happy6/18/2010Hazel Louise
dewest6/20/20106.11.10 Emma Josephine
nionealmare6/20/20106.19.10 Elanor Dawson
faithandworks6/21/20106.16.10 Alfred James
ochenpryatna6/22/20104.25.10 Evelyn Ruth & Eileen Frances, born at 31w5d
sadaqah6/22/20106.24.10 Hafsa
annamonster6/22/2010Baby #1
abhorred_6/23/20106.25.10 Lucille Marie
sorryyouasked6/23/20106.16.10 James Michael
tabithazzz6/23/20107.5.10 Kylah
carms_arms6/23/2010Baby #2
faceless_facade6/24/20106.30.10 Wyatt Connor David
xluckyx6/24/20106.18.10 Michael James
forloveofbaby6/26/20106.25.10 Nolan Grayson
one4theroad6/27/20107.12.10 Danica Grace
sunnyrowe6/28/2010Baby #1, girl
imurxtaci6/28/2010Baby girl, Katherine
guineaus6/28/20107.7.10 Mathilda Jane
tamgerine6/29/2010Baby #1
dunktank6/30/20106.15.10 Megan & Lindsey
littlewoman6/30/20106.30.10 Jaelyn
beingpatient7/6/20106.26.10 Nora Kaur
axegirl6.1.10 Lily
kittykatgrr6.8.10 Jack Miles
neuraltube6.8.10 Zoelle Violet
eknock6.11.10 Julian Andrew
dryad2716.19.10 Roger Orion
urbangypsy6.19.10 Noé Alejandro
galebird6.22.10 Jacob Lee
1ntoxicating6.22.10 Cooper George
springsign6.23.10 Lucas Henry
aminwillreverse6.29.10 Emerson Rose
hissen6.29.10 Locke Magnus

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9. How are you doing in general:

10. Are your health concerns going well:

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